Hunter Jewison Benefit

Hunter Jewison Spaghetti Benefit Dinner and Silent Auction
Saturday, January 30, 2016 — 5:00-7:30pm
St. Peter’s Parish Center, 305 West 5th Street, Park Rapids, Minnesota

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ScreenHunter_36 Jan. 15 22.01Hunter Jewison is a confirmation students here at St. Peter’s. In August of 2015, Hunter was diagnosed with two types of scoliosis in August of 2015.  He has what is called Schurman’s kyphosis (hunchback) and  Atypical scoliosis (curve to the left instead of the right). Corrective surgery is needed in order to take care of these problems.  Harrington rods will be inserted in the back along the spine.  As of right now the scoliosis pulls his shoulder blades out causing him great pain and without the surgery he will develop many health problems as he gets older.

With a surgery like this comes a great expense. While insurance covers some of it, there is still a lot of remaining cost.  There is an account at Citizens National Bank for the benefit of Hunter Jewison set up.  Your donations are appreciated.

If you would like to donate towards his benefit with a dessert, time helping with the dinner, a silent auction item or financially please contact Annette Haas. 732-5142 office, 218-616-2404 cell, or